The Press and Public Relations Unit of all Ministries, Departments and Agencies operate within the framework of guidelines approved by the Supervisory Ministry of Information and Culture. This is derived from the Management Service (OHCSF) circular PSRU/C16.17.1/11/430 of 26th July, 1990.

The Press and Public Relation Unit of the Ministry of Youth and Sports Development exist to create a harmonious and Close-Knit working relationship between the Ministry and all media platforms (Television, Radio, Newspapers, Social Media, etc.). This is to earn favorable media mileage in terms of coverage and publicity of the ministry’s programmes, activities and programmes of empowering our youths in all fields of life and Nigerians that are adequately supported to excel in sports at all levels. This will ensure that the Ministry’s policy, programmes and activities are properly documented for posterity.


The Press and Public Relations unit of the Ministry is statutorily charged with the responsibility of formulating, implementing and monitoring the strategic Public Communication Objectives and Support Programs in furtherance of the overall mandate of the Ministry.

The Unit, in discharging these functions undertakes several activities and programs, which are intended to create and sustain goodwill between the Ministry and its relevant publics using cutting edge news media technologies in the social and traditional media. Other functions include:
i. Overseeing the information gathering and dissemination strategies of the Ministry in a manner that is consistent with the realization of a good positive image.
ii. Co-ordinate the reportage of the Ministry’s programs and activities by the electronic, print and social media.
iii. Create strategies for handling press enquiries and publisher’s request in a proactive way such that press interviews forms the arrowhead for articulating a positive image for the Ministry.
iv. Issues Press releases/statements, advertorial, advertisements and other advertorials on behalf of the ministry.
v. Organizes Press briefing/conferences as part of the public relations strategies for major programs of the ministry.
vi. Develops and implements public information, education and enlightenment projects for special events.