The Planning, Monitoring and Information Management Department of the Federal Ministry of Youth Development was merged with the Sports Planning Research and Documentation Department of the National Sports Commission on 8th December, 2016, to form the Planning, Monitoring and Information Management Department.


Planning Monitoring and Information have the responsibility of charting the course of the entire Ministry as well as coordinating efforts, geared towards Youth and sports development activities.

Functions of the Department

The Department is saddled with the following functions among others:

(i.) Coordinates youth and sports planning research and documentation activities.
(ii.) Custody and regular updating of bio-data of staff and athletes as well as other technical officials.
(iii.) Youth and Sports data management.
(iv.) Monitoring and evaluation of Capital projects, activities and plan implementation of the entire components of the Ministry.
(v.) Coordinate the development plans of the Ministry (Medium Term Sector Strategy).
(vi.) Coordinates activities of the six Zonal Offices of the Ministry.
(vii.) Conduct research studies in identified and approved sports in Nigeria.
(viii.) Continuous collection and processing of sectorial data relating to the Ministry and its Parastatals.
(ix.) Bilateral and Multilateral matters of the Ministry.
(x.) Coordinate and monitor marketing and sponsorship activities of the Ministry.
(xi.) Coordination/Preparation and hosting of the Annual National the Council Meetings on Youth and Sports.
(xii.) Preparation of Hon. Minister’s regular Federal Executive Council briefings on the Ministry’s activities.
(xiii.) Preparation, collation and submission of Ministerial Scorecard.
(xiv.) Undertaking research studies in areas of interface between the Ministry and the three tiers of government and international organizations.
(xv.) Liaising with statutory statistical agencies (NDS, NPC, NBS etc) on surveys to generate youth and sports related data.
(xvi.) Coordination of the Ministry’s Work Plan.
(xvii.) Preparation of the Ministry’s Annual Reports, Management of the Ministry’s Information Resources (Databank/Computer Services and the Central Library) etc.
(xviii.) Periodic and preventive maintenance of all computer systems, accessories, peripherals, internet facilities and connectivity in the Ministry.
(xix.) Maintaining the Ministry Website and overseeing the connectivity to the social media unit, etc.
(xx.) Management of the Knowledge Access Centre (KAC) donated by National Information Technology Development Agency.