The Legal Unit of the Federal Ministry of Youth & Sports Development is the service and professional Unit charged with the responsibility of providing general legal services and protection to the Ministry, its parastatals and affiliate organisations like the Sports Federations. The Legal Unit of the FMYSD is an extension of the Office of the Attorney General of the Federation and Honourable Minister of Justice, under whose delegated authority; the Legal Adviser carries out his duties at the Ministry. The Legal Unit provides legal services in the following ways:

Advocacy Services

The Legal Unit provides legal defence for the Ministry, its parastatals, and affiliate organisations against a broad variety of civil cases brought under a wide range of statutes up to the Appellate Courts. The Unit also institutes civil cases for the Ministry when the need arises.

Solicitor’s Duties

Apart from advocacy duties, the Ministry’s Counsel also provides general legal advice on a wide range of complex legal issues to the Ministry and its parastatals.


The main responsibility of the Legal Unit is to protect the legal and policy interests of the Federal Government and those of the Ministry in all matters, and at all times.

To enable the Legal Unit play its critical role unfettered, it is placed under the Office of the Honourable Minister of the Ministry.
The Legal Unit often described as a “Service Unit,” provides legal services to all the departments and other Units of the Ministry and Unit carries out its responsibilities in the following ways:
(i.) Proffering legal advice on all matters relating to the running of the FMYSD, and on all aspects of the organisation’s duties. To protect the interests of the Government and this organisation at all times, all departments and units of the Ministry are encouraged to seek legal advice on any aspect of their responsibilities which may have legal implications.

(ii.) The Legal Unit is involved in all negotiations leading to the conclusion of agreements between the Ministry and other contracting parties, both domestic and international, and is responsible for vetting of all bi-lateral and multi-lateral agreements and for the interpretation of already signed ones. It is also the responsibility of the Legal Unit to ensure that all contracts to which the Ministry is a party are properly executed in line with the relevant Government regulations.

(iii.) The Unit is the custodian and repository of all the relevant laws, regulations and statutes which govern the daily activities of Government in general or touch on the Ministry’s existence. It accordingly keeps the Ministry abreast of all such extant laws and other statutory authorities. This ensures that the Ministry carries out all its assigned duties within the ambit of the law and in line with laid down regulations.

(iv.) When the need arises, the Unit undertakes the preparation of the relevant documents or draft legislation to be laid before the National Assembly for promulgation into law and also properly monitors the progress of same.

(v.) In view of the fact that the activities of the Ministry have a lot of international dimensions, it is the duty of the Legal Unit to render legal advice on matters of international law as they relate to the organization’s duties.

(vi.) A critical role of the Legal Unit is the prosecution and defence of all cases instituted by or against the Ministry in all courts (including appellate courts) and quasi – judicial bodies until the final determination of the causes of action. The Unit further provides adequate representation for the Ministry in respect of all other claims which may be brought against it.