The Education and Youth Development (EYD) Department is one of the three Professional Department for youth affairs in the Ministry.
The Department is organized into two (2) Divisions namely, Youth Education and Training (YET) and Youth Centres and Camps (YCC)

Functions/Duties and Responsibilities of EYD

i. Undertaking Youth Work Education and Training Programmes in collaboration with other stakeholders involved in similar activities;
ii. Conducting short courses for Youth Development Officers to equip them with Coordinating training activities of Youth Development Officers at State level;
iii. Engaging the Review and application of the National Youth Policy;
iv. Preparing and producing Annual National Youth Reports;
v. Coordinating and monitoring the processes/activities for youth mainstreaming in other MDAs;
vi. Coordination of HIV/AIDs, Reproductive Health, Drug Abuse and Gender issues among young people;
vii. Encouraging the effective utilization of National Youth Development Centres/Camps;
viii. Coordinating Zonal Youth Officers;
ix. Collaborating with other interested stakeholders in the management of the National Youth Development Centres;
x. Coordinating the organization of recreational activities in Youth Centres/Camps;
xi. Undertake advocacy of professionalizing and institutionalizing Youth work in the country;
xii. Facilitates the preparation and implementation of Agreements, including Bilateral relations in youth work with other Countries; and
xiii. Monitoring the delivery of the Commonwealth Diploma in Youth Development Work being conducted by University of Abuja.