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The IBM Digital -Nation Africa is an online learning and innovation platform that aims to provide youth with digital skills. The program enables Nigerian citizens, entrepreneurs, and communities with the knowledge, and tools to innovate, design, develop, and launch your own digital solutions. The platform also helps you search for jobs that best fit your skills.
Badge Flavours

People with basic digital literacy keen on learning about the new emerging technologies. IBM Digital – Nation Africa offers: Introduction to Emerging Technologies: Cloud, AI, Data Science & Analytics, IoT, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Quantum Computing.
Designed to help accelerate innovation and enable ‘would be’ innovators to bring their ideas to life. IBM Digital – Nation Africa offers: Three key steps that allow users to create their own solution: Get Inspired, Design, Build.
New Collar
For those who want to align their skills to the requirements of the job market and seek better employment opportunities IBM Digital – Nation Africa offers: Advanced learning on emerging technologies. All courses are aligned to the latest job roles in the market.
Job Advisor tool
An additional tool that serves as a way for users to search and connect with a pool of jobs relevant to their skills. Users can search by keywords, location, company or job role. The tool also performs skill gap analysis and recommends learning paths based on any missing skills.
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