Organizational Structure

The Honourable Minister is the Chief Executive Officer, while the Permanent Secretary is the Head of Administration and Chief Accounting Officer.
As approved by the Office of the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation, the Ministry is structured into thirteen (13) Departments comprising six (6) Operational (Professional) Departments, four (4) Common Services Department, four (4) Units and four (4) Parastatals as below:

List of Departments and Units

A. Departments
1. Education and Youth Development (EYD);
2. Enterprises Development & Promotion (EDP);
3. Facilities & Stadium Management (FASM);
4. Federations & Elite Athletes Development Department (FEAD);
5. Finance and Accounts (F&A);
6. General Services Department (GSD);
7. Grassroots Sports Development (GRSD);
8. Human Resource Management (HRM);
9. Network and Social Mobilization (NSM);
10. Planning Monitoring & Information Management (PMI);
11. Procurement (PROC);
12. Special Duties (SD); and
13. Sports Medicine (SM).

B. Units
1. Internal Audit (IA)
2. Legal Unit (LA); and
3. Press Unit (PU)