The Procurement Department is headed by a Director Procurement who doubles as the Secretary of the Procurement Planning Committee (PPC) and the Ministerial Tenders Board in compliance with the dictates of Section 21 and 22 of Public Procurement Act (PPA), 2007.
While, the structure provides for a substantive Director, the Department comprised two Divisions namely Capital and Recurrent.


The Department is responsible for aggregating the Needs Assessment from user Departments of the Ministry as well as preparation, implementation/coordination of all tender processes, which include the followings:

i. Inauguration of Public Procurement Committee and collation of departmental needs.
ii. Needs aggregation and market survey to obtain value for money.
iii. Placement of advertisement to solicit for bids in compliance with Section 25 of PPA 2007.
iv. Bids receipt and recommendation.
v. Bids Evaluation – Technical and Financial
vi. Recommendation/presentation of successful bidders to the Ministerial Tenders Board for approval.
vii. Obtain Certificates of ‘No Objection’ for Contract Award from the Bureau of Public Procurement where necessary.
viii. Obtain and confirm the validity of any performance guarantee.
ix. Announce and publicize Contract Awards.
x. Ensure compliance with the PPA, 2007 by all Departments and parastatals of the Ministry.
xi. Maintain and Manage a database of records of all procurement proceedings made within each financial year for the Ministry and parastatals
xii. Maintain Archive for all closed procurement documents.
xiii. Monitor projects executed by the Ministry and parastatals where necessary.
xiv. Prepare Technical/Standard Bid Specification and collation of same from the Technical Departments and parastatals where necessary.
xv. Carry out Technical/Procurement Audit of the Ministry’s procurement and that of the parastatals.
xvi. Stock receipts and issuance.
xvii. Input on all request for payment of contracts executed.