The Grassroots Sports Development Department of the FMYSD was created by the Circular from the office of the Head of Service of the Federation; OHCSF/MSO/592/110 dated 3rd June 2009. To ensure strict compliance to the approved structure, the letter also specified the schedule of duties for the then six Departments and five units in the defunct National Sports Commission.

The Grassroots Sports Development Department was established to scout, identify and develop talents as well as raise fitness consciousness and mass participation in sports and recreational activities amongst the Nigeria citizenry.

Specific Functions of GRSD

The Main duties and responsibilities of the Grassroots Sports Development (GRSD) Department are:
i Guide the implementation of Grassroots sports development policies to carefully increase the number and quality of talents in sports;
ii Initiate policies on grassroots sports development in the country;
iii Serve as linkage between the Ministry and Grassroots to scout and select sports talents for the national team;
iv Identify and develop sports talents;
v Plan, organize and co-ordinate the National Youth Games;
vi Encourage mass participation of the citizenry in sporting activities;
vii Co-ordinate and supervise the activities of the zonal offices;
viii Coordinate school and youth sports activities within and outside the country;
ix Co-ordinate the activities of NASCOM and other sports Academies; and
x Liaise with states to promote sports participation.


The Grassroots Sports Development Department is headed by a Director of the Sports cadre on GL 17, Dr. Ademola Are. The structure further provides for three (3) Divisions and Six 6 branches, headed by (3) three Deputy Directors and (6) Six Assistant Directors.

The approved Divisions and Branches are as follows:
i. Institutional Sports Division (IS)
a) Military/Para Military Sports Branch
b) Other Institutions (NGO’s) Branch

ii. Schools/Collegiate Sports Division (SS)
a) Primary /Secondary Schools Branch
b) Tertiary Schools Branch

iii. Zonal Offices Affairs Division (ZOA)
a) Northern Zones Branch
b) Southern Zones Branch