The Facilities and Stadia Development and Management Department is the Technical/Engineering Department of the Ministry charged with the responsibilities for the design, development, supervision and management of the Ministry’s construction Projects.

The Organogram of the Department provides for a Head of Department on GL17. The Department is comprised of Facilities Management and Engineering Service Divisions. While the former is responsible for the maintenance and use of stadia facilities, the Engineering Service Division is responsible for new construction and maintenance works of the Ministry. The services of the Department extend beyond Sporting facilities to all construction and rehabilitation works of the Ministry.

The Department’s parades professional personnel in Architecture, Engineering Quantity Surveyor, etc.


(i.) Maintenance of Ministry’s Sporting Facilities and Youth Development Centres.
(ii.) Management of Ministry’s existing Stadia.
(iii.) Design and Construction of additional Sporting Facilities and Infrastructure that would meet the demand of modern Sports activities on behalf of the Ministry.
(iv.) Design and Construction of additional Youth Development and Skill Acquisition/Training Centers and Civic Centers.

Functions of the Department:

(i.) To maintain existing facilities and develop new ones.
(ii.) To monitor, supervise and inspect progress of the works of projects under construction or renovation for the Ministry.
(iii.) To offer consultancy services to states, local governments and other stakeholders in development of sports and youth development facilities.
(iv.) To monitor, appraise and produce report on progress of projects for the Ministry.
(v.) Preparation and issuing out of valuation reports, job completion and interim/final payment certificates on construction related projects and job orders.
(vi.) Renting out and management of Facilities at Stadia and Sports training Centres.
(vii.) To provide cleaning services to Ministry’s facilities.
(viii.) To provide insurance cover to all existing sporting facilities under the Ministry.