The Special Duties Department was established by the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation Circular No. HCSF/CMO/EM/243/17 of 11 March, 2014. The Department is headed by Mr Babtunde Aina, a Deputy Director of the Admin Cadre and assisted by Heads of Units as SERVICOM, ACTU, Public Private Partnership, etc.

The mandates of the Department as provided in its establishment Circular referred to above includes the following:
i. Assisting the Permanent Secretary to provide line supervision and general management to all staff of the Office of the Permanent Secretary;
ii. Execute assigned projects for the Permanent Secretary;
iii. Manage assigned direct reporting units on behalf of the Permanent Secretary e.g. ACTU, Protocol, Stock Verification, etc;
iv. Constituency Projects;
v. Provide secretariat services to high level meetings of the Permanent Secretary;
vi. Manage high level stakeholder access to the Permanent Secretary;
vii. Coordinate the Permanent Secretary’s response to emergencies; and
viii. Represent the Permanent Secretary in certain functions.

Servicom Unit

The unit was created as a service compact between the Government and people of Nigeria, as an important government instrument to meet the challenges of service failure. The Servicom Unit of the Ministry is headed by an Assistant Director who is referred to as the Nodal Officer. Specific functions of the Division include:
i. To promote activities by which staff/citizens recognize the need to challenge service failure on their civic right as well as responsibilities.
ii. To bring about awareness of the damaging effect of service failure to the society and social activities.
iii. To disseminate information on all aspect of public service reform activities in the Ministry.
iv. To collect base line data on service delivery issues and identify critical area of reform.
v. To spread the Ministry service delivery initiative and create, new improvement in government business.

Public-Private Partnership Unit

The Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Unit of the Ministry was created pursuant to the Federal Government’s directive conveyed through the OHCSF’s Circular No. OHCSF/MSO/932/II/160 of 29 November 2012. The OHCSF’s Circular prescribes, among others, the following responsibilities for PPP Units:

i. Identifying, prioritizing, selecting, and developing framework for PPP projects;
ii. Assessing the current status and performance of key infrastructure in relevant sectors;
iii. Assessing the policy, legal, and institutional environment for involving the private sector in the provision of infrastructure;
iv. Negotiating / re-negotiating of all PPP projects using financial models to ensure viability;
v. Evaluating projects in the Capital Budget and suggesting those that can be undertaken through PPP;
vi. Any other assignment relevant to the functions of the Unit assigned by the Accounting Officer / Chief Executive Officer of the organization

Stock Verification Unit

The Stock Verification Unit is mandated to carry out pre-payment verification exercise, pre-payment verification of government stores, office inventories, valuation of stocks including records of payment for stores, receipts and issues, and to carry out Board of Survey of the Ministry. The functions of the Unit include:
i. Pre-verification of supplied materials, works and services;
ii. Initiating stock verification programmes/ exercises;
iii. Investigating losses of stores whenever suspected or reported to Management, and developing more tactics and strategies for stores handing system and store accounting systems;
iv. Authentication of purchase of store/project sites, including verification of all physical assets, stores, works and services;
v. Rendering stock verification reports on the stores/ section of stores checked with recommendations for improvement;
vi. Verifying tender documents and contract agreements for supply of stores; and
vii. Ensuring efficient and effective store management system in accordance with ethics of purchasing and supply profession.

Anti-Corruption and Transparency Monitory Unit (ACTU)

The Anti-corruption and Transparency Monitory Unit (ACTU) was formally inaugurated in the Ministry on Thursday 22nd May, 2014, to monitor compliance with procedure, extant regulations and transparency of financial transactions of the Ministry. The Unit has held several internal meetings, it is indeed mandatory for the Unit to hold at least a monthly meeting to review its activities in the course of the month.