The department of Network and Social Mobilization, headed by a Director, is divided into 3 divisions namely – Networks, Social Mobilization, Rights and Leadership which are all headed by Deputy Directors. The department is responsible for designing programmes that enhances youth voice, create opportunities and prepare youth for jobs and promote values through the active involvement and participation of young people in governance processes through programme such as:
i. The Nigerian Youth Parliament
ii. Capacity Building Workshop for Leaders of youth bodies and youth NGOs
iii. Peace Building and Conflict Resolution Programmes for in and out of school youths, Community youth leaders and heads of youth NGOs.
iv. Leadership and Mentoring re-orientation programmes
v. Local and International Youth Exchange Programmes
vi. Youth Holiday Camping
vii. Programmes on Drug Abuse, Youth Trafficking and Prostitution
viii. Youth Rights and Governance
ix. Mobilization of youths for participation in both local and international functions and establishment of partnership with both local and international youth NGOs, development partners and other relevant stakeholders in youth development


i. Design and organize programmes that enhance the voice of youth in national development
ii. Design and organize programmes for the promotion of value re-orientation among youth
iii. Monitor and supervise the National Youth Council of Nigeria and other Voluntary Youth Organizations
iv. Establishment of bilateral relations with regional and international communities for Youth Exchange Programmes
v. Creation of opportunities and stakeholder for a for youth to interact and share ideas with decision/policy makers
vi. Organize Minister’s meeting with leaders of National Voluntary Youth Organizations
vii. Organize National Youth Talent Fair/Hunt
viii. Sensitization Workshop on Youth Rights and Leadership
ix. Mainstreaming youth issues into other Ministries programme
x. Promote excellence among youth through recognition and award of excellence e.g. National Youth Award Scheme xi} Initiate Networking Strategies among youth driven or youth focused NGOs
xi. Serve as the interface for the Ministry’s dealings with all Youth NGOs
xii. Sitting of the Nigerian Youth Parliament
xiii. International Youth week Celebration
xiv. African Youth Day Celebration
xv. Management of Youth in IDP Camps
xvi. Design and organize programmes on Preventing Counter Violence Extremism (PCVE)