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The COMSTECH-ICYF Essay Competition on Artificial Intelligence is designed to promote the awareness of AI as a leading technology of the contemporary era and its potential in varied areas of economy and society.

The Essay Competition is open to participants from OIC countries and will consist of competitions for students and young professionals in two categories:

Undergraduates (18 to 25 years);

Advanced students and Professionals (25 to 35 years)

The 3 best essays selected in each category would be awarded suitable prizes. The ten best essays would be included in an ICYF-COMSTECH publication arranged specifically for this purpose.

Essay Topics

AI in Health/Education

Medical imaging and diagnostics, Telehealth, Drug Creation, Therapeutics, Medical Treatment, Rehabilitation, Health Monitoring, e-learning, Learning Management, Personalized learning experience, Evaluations and assessments etc.

AI for Technology Frontiers

ICT, Robotics, Mining, Smart Cities, IoT, Business, Marketing, Media, Chat-bots, Manufacturing, Customer Services, e-commerce etc.

AI in E – Governance

Finance, Security, Justice, Crime fighting and prevention, Public policy, Informed decision making, Emergency response, Defence and National Security, Immigration etc.

Ethical & Regulatory Issues in Applications of AI

Data privacy, digital crime fighting, AI – human co-existence, Robot rights, Biases in data, Liabilities for autonomous systems, AI weaponization etc.

AI for Social Development

Equality and Inclusion, Hunger management, Economic empowerment, Gender equality, Environment, Infrastructure planning and development etc.
DEADLINE: 7th November 2020

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