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FMYSD Releases Names and Details of 5,285 NYIF MSME Beneficiaries

NYIF: Nigeria Youth Investment Fund is an initiative of the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development funded by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) It is a 25B fund for 3 years totaling 75B aimed at investing in the innovative ideas, skills and talents of Nigerian youth from age 18-35.NYIF aims to financially empower


  1. Are you a Nigerian? 2. Do you own/operate a household or SME business or enterprise? 3. Would you like a 1M-10M Naira one digit loan facility? 4. Do you need help applying for the CBN AGSMEIS Agricultural loan or N50 billion covid-19 loan facility for household and SME business? The FMYSD can help


The IBM Digital -Nation Africa is an online learning and innovation platform that aims to provide youth with digital skills. The program enables Nigerian citizens, entrepreneurs, and communities with the knowledge, and tools to innovate, design, develop, and launch your own digital solutions. The platform also helps you search for jobs that best fit your