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Major Timelines:

The Adopt Initiative was launched in Lagos on Monday December 16, 2019 as a pilot the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and was subsequently endorsed by President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday January 30, 2020.


Components :

-Adopt an Athelete

-Adopt a Pitch

-Adopt a Sports Center

-Adopt a Team


The Adopt an Athlete Initiative has 4 steps to completions :

Step 1– MYSD brands and pitches the Athelete or Team to interested individuals and corporate organizations. ( a 4-page double fold full colored  profile Pamphlet was produced for each Athlete and Team )


Step 2– The Individual or corporate organization decides on who to adopt and communicate same to the MYSD. The MYSD immediately passes the information to the Athlete.


Step 3– Approved MOU is signed by between the Ministry and the Organization or Individual to protect both parties.


Step 4– The payment or release of the Funds directly into the account of the Athlete. The process of adoption is completed when the funds it the account.

Through constant reminders and persuasion,  MYSD continues to work with adopters to pay up in time.


Groupings :

Waiting to be adopted.

Adopted and waiting to sign MOU.

Adopted and MOU signed waiting for funds to hit account.


The COVID-19 pandemic with its attendant social and economic implications has slowed down many processes. 


For more details on the Adoption Program please email :

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