Evolution of Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development

The Ministry is the outcome of the merger of the defunct Federal Ministry of Youth Development (FMYD) and the National Sports Commission (NSC) by the proclamation of His Excellency, Mr. President on the restructuring of Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) of Government on 11th November, 2016.

Functions of the Ministry

Designing guidelines for youth and sports development activities in the country;

1.   formulating monitoring and reviewing the National Youth and Sports Policies;

2.   articulating relevant programmes of action for youth and sports development;

3.   coordinating and monitoring youth and sports development activities at the three levels of Government and the collaborating partners;

4.  collaborating with all stakeholders for the funding of the youth and sports sectors;

5.   creating opportunities for youth to be involved in decision making processes in matters that affect them, the environment and the society;

6.  inculcating in the youth, the values of human rights, social justice, equity, fairness and gender equality;

7.   promoting conducive atmosphere for social, mental, emotional and physical development of the youth;

8.   promoting formal and informal training of youth and athletes in life and livelihood skill;

9.   establishing sustainable developmental projects in the Youth and Sports sectors;

10.   promoting, in collaboration with other youth and sports bodies, the physical fitness and general wellbeing of all persons in Nigeria;

11.   organizing, or assisting financially or otherwise, the participation in sports at inter-state, national and international levels;

12.   providing enabling environment for the development of coaches, technical and support staff for effective training of athletes;

13.   conducting and encouraging research into all matters relating to Youth and Sports;

14.   providing, maintaining and upgrading Youth and Sports Centres and facilities for training Nigerians in youth and sports development activities;

15.   ensuring the participation of all sportsmen/women where required in inter-state, national or international competitions;

16.   coordinating and integrating efforts to raise the standard of performance in Sports in Nigeria;

17.   promoting international cooperation to facilitate youth and sports development;

18.   collaborate with relevant stakeholders to promote holistic development of physically challenged persons in all field of endeavors including sports; and

19.   to liaise with MDAs and development partners engaged in the provision of youth and sports development services in the country for the purposes of coordination and harmonization of all youth and sports development initiatives across the country.

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Formulation, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation of Policies and Programmes on Youths and Sports Development towards Wealth Creation, Youth Empowerment, Physical Fitness and Well-being, Achieving Excellence in Sports, National Unity and Sustainable Development.

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To Provide Sustainable Framework for the Formulation and Implementation of Policies, Programmes and other Initiatives which Promote and Enhance Youth and Sports Development in collaboration with Stakeholders.

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A Nigerian with Empowered and Successful Youth in all fields of life and Nigerians that are adequately Supported to excel in Sports at all levels.

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The goal of Youth & Sports Development is to Build Young people for Human Capital Utilization and Productivity.